A developer at heart, I am proficient in a range of technologies from web programming, to cloud server admin, to iPhone & iPad development.


A creative trapped in a techie's body, I can design, photograph, move images and art direct with an eye for detail.


Friendly with good client skills I manage people, strategy, budgets and large-scale projects, most of the time all at once.

Freelance Digital Specialist, Web/App Developer/Designer in Birmingham & Leicestershire

I'm Andrew Kenny, a digital specialist based in both Birmingham and Leicestershire, so covering pretty much the whole of the East and West Midlands. I'm a freelance web developer, web designer and app developer, and have a few other skills too.

I believe the best way for someone to see what you do and how good you are is by proving it. Most of my work creates a return for the end client, be that visitors, brand awareness, prestige or money.

My current projects and recent work are largely under NDA, however some samples can be shown in person.

To see my older work (and those outside NDA), please visit my portfolio section. For more information on my current, relevant skills list, take a look at the skills page.

My Work
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